Our Services for YOU

Overwhelmed and confused by all the natural supplements on the market? Feeling drained and stressed? Sit back and relax while your body is analyzed and balanced. The results from the session will provide you with a wellness plan designed specifically for you PLUS you leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. Our services are for you to help you get balanced and feel healthy and well.

Most importantly, we will guide you in your way for joy and personal fulfillment!

Stress Reduction

General Sessions

  • Intake and Initial Evaluation. 90 min
  • Additional Sessions 45 min/each (pkg of 4 sessions)
  • Package of 4 prepaid session + 2 ionic footbath detox
  • Ionic footbath detox + color balancing 55 min

Specialized Sessions

  • Spinal and Muscle balancing/ Pain release
  • Cold & Flu Immune System booster
  • TMJ Dental/Stress Reduction
  • Chakra & Aura Balancing
  • Emotional stress/Anxiety/Depression
  • Anti-Aging
  • Sessions for Animals


  • Stress reduction for clients with Addictions
  • Weight Management
    • Workshops, Seminars, Lunch & Learn

    Quantum Parties

    beneficial and fun

    • presenting the technology and 30 minutes demos
    • see your aura
    • learn about your emotions that cause blockages and stress in your body
    • balance your chakras
    • and many more

    Contact us at info@kuantumpower.com or at our Comments page to find out more.